Top 5 Best Fashion Blogs Website

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11. My Fash Diary


My Fash Diary describes itself as a “style diary.”  It considers fashion to be what others decide is in, while style is what you believe is in.

The blog’s editor is Chicago-born, Dubai-based Tala Samman who is of Syrian-heritage. Although the blog’s name indicates the importance of its fashion section, there are posts on beauty, food, and travel, as well as fashion.

The blog has gained international recognition, and has been nominated for Ahlan! Magazine’s Best at the Dubai awards, Marie Claire, UK Blog, and Twitter awards.

Tala has also been recognized in prestigious publications The Guardian, Grazia UK, Grazia Middle East, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, and Marie Claire Middle East.

12. One Dapper Street


Our first blog to focus on male fashion is One Dapper Street. This blog is the online home of Marcel Floruss – “a German dude who loves fashion and all that goes with it.” Fashion is clearly Marcel’s passion, and it has brought him from Germany to New York City.

Marcus went to fashion school in New York and modeled before turning his hand to blogging.

He also loves shopping and photography, so he combined his passions to create One Dapper Street.

The site contains a range of highly visual articles on a variety of style and lifestyle topics.

13. Style Me Grasie


Style Me Grasie is another blog that, although fashion focused, has widened its topics to include other subjects loved by its typical fan – posts on issues such as beauty, travel, and home inspiration interspersed with fashion features.

This blog is the online home of actress and writer, Grasie Mercedes, currently based in Los Angeles. She is Dominican by birth. She actually has four names, but she is best known by her grade school nickname, Grasie.

As with most of these blogs, her posts feature luscious photography, focussing on people wearing the latest “in” fashion.

A significant section of the blog is “Outfits,” and this predominantly features what Grasie wears in her daily activities. The posts are highly visual, with captions describing the outfits worn, often explaining why Grasie likes and wears particular items. She generally includes links to sites where her fans can buy items to emulate her look, often giving alternatives in various price ranges.

14. What My Boyfriend Wore


Unlike the majority of fashion blogs on this list, What My Boyfriend Wore focuses on menswear. Its tagline is “A Dandy’s Diary About All Things Dapper.”

The blog came about because the former girlfriend of South African blogger Sergio Ines liked documenting his outfits and started posting them on Instagram.

The blog now focuses on fashion and styling for normal men.

It covers many aspects of men’s fashion, from Menswear 101 to Outfit of the Day to Dressiquette. For instance, there are fascinating articles entitled “Braces or Belt, Never Both,” “Match Leather to Leather and Metal to Metal,” and “Dressiquette – Your socks should match your pants.” (Although your socks should match your pants, not your shoes, Sergio believes you only need to worry about this in formal situations – he prefers high-contrast brightly colored socks).

15. Wide Eyed Legless


Madelynn Furlong designed Wide Eyed Legless to be a blog that celebrates minimalist style, aimed at the modern woman. She sees her site as being a place to discover, create, and inspire.

She began Wide Eyed Legless in 2010 to help her readers build a simpler, more thoughtful wardrobe, home, and lifestyle.

Some of her recent posts include:

  • Summer Wardrobe
  • The Modern Backpack
  • Power Reds

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